Anaqaa Apparel is a modern, modest clothing range for women and girls, which is inspired by fashion from across the world. It is a fusion of global ethnic cultures and a celebration of our diverse heritage. Our vision is to develop a clothing line which is stylish, modern and comfortable for women of all ages and backgrounds. Anaqaa Apparel is dedicated to making modest clothing fashionable and available all year round, for different occasions, at affordable prices.


Although fashion brands are widely available and consumers are spoilt for choice, our founder Majida Sayam noticed there is still a gap in the market for good quality modest clothing. With decades of experience in fashion design, teaching and running a women’s charity, Majida wanted to help women in our community learn to sew to enter the fashion industry and become financially independent. Following this vision, Anaqaa Apparel was born out of Jannaty, a charity and community hub where women are supported with skills training, health and wellbeing services and social connections. The evolution of Anaqaa Apparel sees the transition of a charity into a women-led small business enterprise.

Majida Sayam, Founder at Anaqaa apparel

Our garments are handmade by women for women, we provide skills training; from basic sewing skills to garment design, creating a pathway into employment for local women, many of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds but have grand ambitions, we just help them get started and so can you by supporting our brand.

At Anaqaa we are conscious of our impact on the plant, with climate change disproportionately affecting ethnic communities, who also suffer from socioeconomic inequalities. This is why we aim to incorporate sustainable practices such as upcycling and recycling material and old clothing, contributing to reducing our carbon footprint, saving the planet for generations to come.

Supporting Anaqaa Apparel contributes to empowering minortitised women, reducing waste and best of all, the sales are reinvested into more charitable and community building work, so you get a new wardrobe and warm feeling inside that you have done something good.

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